Apple Is Going To Kill Android

It all makes sense now. I watched and re-watched the WWDC conference presentation and I now know exactly what Apple is about to do. It’s almost brilliant really, it’s teary eye worthy.

Apple is about to kill Android

The Set up

Steve Jobs started a war with Android a few years ago, though it would seem like genuine hate I do feel like this was all apart of a grand plan by Apple to eventually destroy Android.

Apple made Samsung into a monster so they can destroy Android easier.

If Android had many successful phone manufacturers the plan would not work. Apple waged war on Samsung so they will become Android. It has succeeded. Samsung now rules over the world of Android and that is exactly what Apple wanted. A single enemy that they can kill without attacking Google directly. Google failed to keep Samsung under control and now they are going to pay the price. I have a Nexus device. If you are reading this article and you are an Android user look at your device. If this device is not a Nexus, Apple has won. Here is why, Android is like the step child Google never wanted. It has become uncontrollable. The next version of Android is coming out soon yet I’m sure that that Android phone you have in your hand is not running the latest version of Android. I have a Nexus but I’m running Paranoid Android so I don’t even have the latest version of Android. This is exactly what Apple wanted.

hero3The Kill

Over the next three years if my prediction serves me right, Apple is going to move into kill mode. They were playing dead all along. When iOS 8 hits almost every person on this planet using an iDevice will look to update so they will enjoy the benefits of Apple devices. Apple manipulated Google into using Microsoft’s approach. While desktop users are slow to update mobile users want their new updates immediately. Just ask any teenager about how they check for any new cool feature WhatsApp may introduce. Google was tricked. They are at the mercy of OEM’s and telecom companies who decide when and if the device you have in your hand gets an update.

In the mobile world you can not afford to fall behind.

Kill shots

Apple abandons OpenGL for its own METAL which makes developers have to choose between investing in Android with OpenGL or invest in METAL which gives developers more access to the hardware thus producing console level graphics. We all know what developers will choose.

New programming language: I took sometime out to look through Swift and it is beautiful. It’s so familiar! It reminds me of JavaScript and I love me some JavaScript. Apple has created a language which a lot of developers are accustom too, so it is easier for them to choose using swift.

Apple buys beats: Apple is going to kill the head phone jack so they needed the only company that can help them kill it. Beats is the most popular headphone brand in theBeats-Apple world. Everybody wants one. To kill the headphone jack in favor of their lightening port is pure genius. Think about that for a second. Imagine if beats only sells headphones for iPhones because they no longer support the standard headphone port.

Do you see it yet?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend: Apple is pushing Google out of its operating system and getting into bed with Microsoft because it knows Microsoft’s days as market leader are over.

Giving the consumer what they want: Well color me stupid but it is almost as if Apple all of a sudden had a change of heart when it comes to responding to consumer needs. They added widgets, keyboards, iCloud storage (ah la file system for iOS), apps can interface with each other, a larger iPhone is on the way and the list just goes on. Apple is saying to consumers, ok, you had your fun with Android it’s time to cut the CRAP and come home. *Straight face*


The most important of the kill shots, continuity! Apple wants everybody to buy into their ecosystem. Apple is going to use the popularity of their iPhone to help them sell iPads, MacBooks and iWatches. Simply because they work best when they are together.

My grand predictions

Apple is going introduce a new Macbook which runs on ARM. This device will be priced around $700 dollars. The iPad is around $500 dollars. The iPhone is $200 dollars on contract in the states.There will be special “EarPod Beats” headphone that come with each iPhone using the lightning connector. The iWatch will be priced around $300 dollars. A grand total of $1700 dollars. Apple is creating a bundle, at that price tag you can get only one Macbook with a Retina display, consumers will not refuse this. Come December Apple will be killing Android and Microsoft.

There is hope

For Google to survive they must Merge Android with ChromeOS. Like Chrome on Windows and on Mac, it’s updated without user intervention. That’s how Google survives this. It’s the only way. I will look out for what Google does later this month, then I will know if Apple was successful in killing Android.

PS. I’m rooting for Android!



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